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This is our modern take on an 18th-century English classic Old Tom Gin.”
— Team Graveney
Figges marsh g&t

Figges marsh g&t

Figges Marsh

2019 felt like it was the right time to create something I was equally enthusiastic for. Figs. I know, pretty random. Its not like I eat figs everyday but there is something about this fruit that I find so pretty, exotic and unusual. All the things that I am drawn too. So, I had the main profile for my Old Tom style gin and these botanical over a 2 weeks maceration balances the sweetness but still retaining the pine of juniper.

  • Juniper (double the amount as Graveney Gin),

  • Organic figs ,

  • honey,

  • vanilla,

  • angelica root,

  • Orris root and

  • Orange


A slice of fig or orange and top it off with a sprig of rosemary. Serve with a great Indian Tonic and make it a double.


When I was making it and testing it out (you are welcome) I was imagining using it in my favourite cocktail a French 75 and with a bit of strong cheese. Both of these things are just delicious with this gin.


This gin will support local charities voted for by the public because there are so many good eggs out there is was hard to pick just one. Please use this form below to put forward a SW London based charity which you feel would benefits from £500. When this amount has been reached, 3 charities will be selected and the one who received the most votes will receive the donation.

Finer details

45% and certified organic by the Organic Food Federation

Sizes of Figges Marsh - 700ml, 250ml and 100mlFrench 75 - Cocktail
Sizes of Figges Marsh - 700ml, 250ml and 100ml

Sizes of Figges Marsh - 700ml, 250ml and 100ml