Best Organic Gin

We are organic-certified because we believe in doing our bit to help the planet and use high-quality natural ingredients.

We are charitable because we want to support our communities and our environment.

We take those core values into our distillery, handcrafting small-batches in our traditional Copper stills, producing exceptional, tasty, premium gin!

Graveney Gin Gorilla

Gearing up for gorillas

£7,500 donated so far

Graveney Gin gives 10% of all profits to a conservation charity called Gearing Up For Gorillas. This 100% non profit charity protects, educates & care for the rare mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, Eastern DR Congo including the rangers who dedicate & risk their lives to look after them.

Graveney Gin gives 10% of all profits to a conservation charity
  • Graveney Gin London Dry bottle

    Graveney Gin: London Dry Gin

    The tasty award-winning leading light of the Graveney Gin range is our very own juniper-forward and citrusy 45% ABV London Dry Gin. This was originally created by founder Victoria Christie on a small copper still in Tooting (not far from the River Graveney that winds its way through Wimbledon across to Streatham!) and the same recipe is used today.

  • Figges Marsh: Old Tom Gin

    Grove Fever: Rosemary & Thyme Gin

    Grove Fever is a fabulous Graveney special edition containing fresh and clear notes of organic Rosemary and Thyme.

    Superb when simply served with a slice of lemon over a straight tonic this 45% ABV gin also supports charity with 10% of profits going to the Paediatrics department at our local St George’s hospital.

    Graveney has a strong connection with the hospital with a former team-member and St George’s alumnus playing a key role in creating this gin!

    Grove Fever Hospital was the original name for St George’s and opened in Tooting Grove, 1899!

  • Figges Marsh Old Tom Gin

    Figges Marsh: Old Tom Gin

    We’re extremely proud of our take on a classic Old Tom and Sipping gin. Figges Marsh is heavily infused with the sweetness of organic figs, honey and vanilla and takes over two weeks to macerate in our nano-distillery, just a leap away from local South-West London landmark Figges Marsh. Enjoyed straight on the rocks or with a selected tonic, this 45% ABV is one to sit back, relax and savour.