Why Grove Fever?

The newest gin to the trio, Grove Fever gin is inspired by St. George's hospital and created by Zach, alumni of the university and someone who has become a family member of Graveney Gin. The people who work and study at this hospital are at the heart of Tooting and I really wanted to honour it.

This recipe is handcrafted, organic, 45%, created in 30 bottle batches in my nano distillery with total love and care, to make something truly yummy and unique. As Graveney Gin was all about citrus, Figges March all about sweet figs and vanilla, Grove Fever naturally steered to a herbal style because of the medical nod to the hospital.

• Juniper

• Rosemary,

• Thyme,

• Devil’s claw,

• Nutmeg,

• Orris root and

• Angelica root

Serving A slice of Orange and a sprig of thyme or rosemary. Serve with a great light Indian Tonic and make it a double

Cocktails I feel this gin is so versatile and can be used in any old classic and a modern twist. One that gets my top vote is a cucumber melon and grove fever gin spritzer. It can be adapted to any fruit that is seasonal but this one defiantly shouts spring/ summer.

Charity 10% of the profits go to the paediatrics department at St. George's hospital in Tooting – Children’s Appeal. Zach would love us to one day buy a really amazing piece of equipment for the hospital, so that’s the aim and aspiration for Grove Fever. #grovefever #gin #tooting #stgeorges #charity #organic #herbalgin #smallbatchgin #smallbusiness

Grove Fever Botanicals.jpg