Grove Fever donates £500

Grove Fever donates £500

You made this happen! A donation of £500 has been made.

Right from the start, each gin that is made has a charity is aligned to it. Grove Fever donates to the Paediatrics department at St Georges (to me the hospital is at the heart of Tooting).

I feel so lucky to have had my two healthy kiddies at St Georges in 2018 and 2020 - full-blown lockdown baby.

When rules changed and changed again, you have continued to support Grove Fever gin. This means the world to this business. I am so lucky to see orders come through with private messages from people thanking NHS workers at St Georges and other local hospitals because of their hard work. It is truly touching.

I want to raise (a large STRONG) glass to 2020 and remember all the wonderful acts of kindness I have personally received and continue to see behind the scenes.

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