Cucumber Melon Spritzers with Grove Fever Gin

Prep Time 15 minutes (includes making the melon sugar syrup). Once this has been done it can create around 7 drinks.

Total Time 18 minutes - 3 mins to make the cocktail.

Servings 1 drink



For the melon simple syrup

  • ·      ½ cup of water

  • ·      ½ of sugar

  • ·      1 cup of cup up melon of your choice – the sweeter and ripe the better.


In a medium pan, bring the water and sugar to a boil. I boil a kettle first to save time. Let boil for 30 seconds and stir, remove from heat and let cool completely. Once cooled, add to a blender or food processor with the pieces of melon. Blend until completely smooth and looks runny. If thick, you may wish to add more sugar syrup so it doesn’t go thick when trying to drink the cocktail.

Now onto the cocktail.

  • ·      Tall Collins cocktail glass or large gin glass

  • ·      60 grams of melon syrup

  • ·      30ml Grover Fever gin (so this is a single shot)

  • ·      30ml of sparkling water or soda

  • ·      melon balls/cubes

  • ·      cucumber slices

  • ·      ice

  • ·      fresh mint for garnish


To make this yummy cocktail, add ice to a cocktail shaker along with a fresh mint leaf. Add the simple syrup and gin, and shake for 30 seconds.

Fill your glass with ice, a few melon balls, and cucumber slices, and then pour in the drink. Top with sparkling water or soda, stir to make sure it’s all mixed together, and garnish with mint and melon slices!

Grove fever cocktail - Cucumber, melon and gin spritzer